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In limbo: Will Washington codify environmental justice into law?

The health impacts of pollution disproportionately impact communities of color in our state. But experts say environmental justice will take more than a task force.
Jul 12, 2020

Disappearing affordable housing in a high-tech town

The first step was admitting we have an affordable housing problem. But are Seattle's powers-that-be willing to do what it takes to address it?
Feb 24, 2020

A warmer home for long-time community advocate Laura Wong Whitebear

Learn how community organizer Laura Wong-Whitebear was able to make her home in Beacon Hill more energy efficient, healthier and safer through the City of Seattle’s free Weatherization Program!
Feb 21, 2020

Conversations on Tech & Social Justice: Ann Wright of

The founder of echoX hopes it will give ethnic communities an alternative to the big tech platforms.
Jan 6, 2020

The Seattle Globalist’s Uncertain Future

Earlier this week, we made the very difficult decision to lay off The Seattle Globalist’s Executive Director. Here's what's next.
Dec 22, 2019

The Seattle Globalist reaching out to community to empower diverse voices through journalism education

The Seattle Globalist is reaching out to the community to raise $10,000 by December 31 to support our journalism education programming in 2020.
Dec 12, 2019

Conversations on Tech and Social Justice: Kenny Salvini

Building community through technology: A conversation with Kenny Salvini.

Kiran Ahluwalia brings meshing of world music to Seattle

Ahluwalia sees herself as a citizen of the world and loves to collaborate with musicians from other cultural traditions. It may be easy to call is fusion, but she prefers to characterize her music as a mix – modern Indian music serenaded by jazz and West African Blues. She will be playing this Sunday at The Triple Door.
Dec 4, 2019

Lessons from Seattle’s Black Panther Party newspaper

Event at Estelita's Library sparks conversations about The Black Panther Party and the group's newspaper, which was published between 1967 and 1980.
Nov 27, 2019
A sign at Duwamish Waterway Park warns in nine languages against eating most fish caught in the river. (Photo by Alex Stonehill)

Environmental Justice Investigative Journalism Fellowship kicks off

Meet the journalists who are part of The Seattle Globalist's Environmental Justice Investigative Journalism Fellowship.

Conversations on Tech and Social Justice: Jorge L. Barón

The head of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project says advanced surveillance technology is enabling discrimination against immigrants of color.
Nov 21, 2019

Hong Kong police legitimacy draining away as clashes escalate

The death of a student during a police clearance and a video of police shooting an unarmed protester has contributed to the public’s growing mistrust of the Hong Kong government.
Nov 20, 2019

Conversations on Tech and Social Justice: Bekah Marcum

Bekah Marcum created the social media community Black Designers of Seattle in the hope of increasing diversity and inclusion in STEM industries.
Nov 12, 2019

Thirty years after the Berlin Wall came down, Germany is still working to meet east with west

Since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the east and west parts of Germany have knitted themselves together. But differences linger, including a rise in increasingly brazen far-right extremist activity in the former East Germany.
Nov 10, 2019

Election update: Affirmative action faces rejection by voters

Voters appear to be rejecting Referendum 88 and the latest update on Seattle City Council results, as of Wednesday.
Nov 7, 2019

“Beyond Bollywood” at MOHAI digs deep into Indian American experience

The Punjabi farmers and canners who came to the Pacific Northwest in the late-1800s and early-1900s paved the way for today’s Indian American immigrants.

8 things to know about Referendum 88

Twenty years after Washington voters abolished affirmative action, it has returned to the ballot box.
Oct 30, 2019

Seattle Reads selects “There, There” by Tommy Orange for 2020

Seattle Reads, Seattle Public Library's citywide book program, has selected "There, There" by Tommy Orange, the program's first book by an Indigenous author.

Gates Foundation Discovery Center celebrates young changemakers in We the Future exhibition

We the Future: Young Leaders of Social Change is an exhibition that illuminates the stories of 10 young people working to build an equitable and sustainable world.

A better world and a better version of ourselves is possible through conscious, compassionate travel

For too long travel has been about escaping from life, a way to insulate ourselves from our stresses and pamper ourselves because we deserve it. This is great, but we believe travel is meant for something more. We have the chance, in our modern world, to positively impact others as we grow and discover the depths of who we are as people.
Oct 28, 2019