Election update: Affirmative action faces rejection by voters

The return of affirmative action is in jeopardy in latest election results.

Voters appear to be rejecting Referendum 88, which asked voters whether to approve the new law that would restore some affirmative action practices to government hiring and higher education. The measure trails 48% to 52%, according to the latest statewide results. Read more about Referendum 88 in The Seattle Globalist archives.

In Seattle, the latest results on the council races are:
Position 1
Lisa Herbold 51.65%
Phil Tavel 48%

Position 2
Tammy Morales 55.8%
Mark Solomon 43.6%

Position 3
Kshama Sawant 45.8%
Egan Orion 53.8%

Position 4
Alex Pedersen 57.4%
Shaun Scott 42.2%

Position 5
Debora Juarez 57.6%
Ann Davison Sattler 42%

Position 6
Dan Strauss 52.6%
Heidi Wills 46.9%

Position 7
Andrew J. Lewis 49.7%
Jim Pugel 49.8%

The next vote update is scheduled for 4 p.m. Thursday.