Era Schrepfer named 2014 Globalist of the Year

The Seattle Globalist is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Globie Awards. Help us honor the winners at The Globies on Saturday, September 27th at Washington Hall.
Aug 12, 2014

In-depth: Globalist apprentices explore Ethiopian-American identity, shellfish contamination

After a year of developing skills in writing, photography, video/audio and reporting for The Seattle Globalist, our youth apprentices are proud to share the following projects with you. These in-depth pieces were dreamed up, designed and reported by each apprentice on a topic they are passionate about. Now equipped with some serious reporting skills, we know these young […]
Jul 28, 2014

‘Generation Putin’ wins National Edward R. Murrow Award

  Generation Putin, an hour-long radio special about young people and politics in the Former Soviet Union, received a National Edward R. Murrow Award from the Radio Television Digital News Association. 
Jun 11, 2014

Globalist writers honored with awards from SPJ, RTNDA

The Seattle Globalist took home four awards last Saturday at the Society of Professional Journalists Northwest’s award ceremony honoring work published in 2013 in Washington, California, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. 
May 20, 2014

2014 GiveBIG Live Variety Show Recap!

The Seattle Globalist's GiveBig Variety Show on May 6th brought together some of the best talent in our community. If you missed it, catch all the highlights below from travel tips to Ethiopian cooking to DNA experiments.
May 8, 2014

Cost of Gender: Transgender Americans seek healthcare in Thailand

The Cost of Gender shares the stories of transgender Americans faced with health care discrimination at home, who look to Thailand for better options.
Apr 3, 2014

New columnists and youth apprentices at the Globalist

The Globalist family just got a whole lot bigger. We’re proud to introduce a new editor, two new columnists, a web sponsorship coordinator and four youth apprentices. 
Feb 24, 2014

Cat competition shows off breeds from around the world

The International Cat Association’s (TICA) cat show and competition was this weekend and yes, you probably missed it. 
Sep 2, 2013

How to get a global 5-course meal at the Seattle street food fest

It’s almost easier to list the food vendors that don’t offer global fare at tomorrow’s Seattle Street Food Festival, 5-11pm on Capitol Hill. With so many options, we’ve compiled a sampler 5-course meal using items from our favorite food trucks with flavors from around the world .
Aug 9, 2013

Seattle rallies for Trayvon Martin, protests Zimmerman verdict

Jul 15, 2013
This photo of a Turkish woman being pepper sprayed by a police officer has become a uniting symbol for the protestors in Turkey. (Photo by REUTERS/Osman Orsal)

LIVE from Turkey: Q&A on protests with Marwa Maziad

Joining us live from Istanbul at 12pm Pacific, Columnist Marwa Maziad answers your questions about protests in Turkey and Egypt. Tweet us your questions @SeaGlobalist and we’ll ask them live on the Google Hangout.
Jun 27, 2013

Seattle Public Library knocks over 2,000 books, sets world record

The Seattle Public Library joins the ranks of awesome domino chain world record holders. See other epic chain reactions after the jump.
Jun 17, 2013

Join us all day for a Live GiveBig Variety Show

Join The Seattle Globalist today for an all-day webcast for GiveBig’s day of fundraising. We have a sick lineup of over 15 guests!    Donate here.
May 15, 2013

5 things you should know about the new immigration bill

The new immigration reform bill is finally here—so what does it actually say? See the full infographic after the jump.
Apr 17, 2013

Don’t call them victims, these youth are slum changemakers

The polio-fighting, clean water advocating, girls’ rights empowered youth of “The Revolutionary Optimists” shatters everything we thought we knew about creating change. 
Mar 29, 2013

Three lessons Seattle should learn from Boeing’s Dreamliner-gate

The worldwide grounding of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner and its battery fire put everyone’s worst travel nightmare front and center. A local aerospace expert gave us three takeaways from the aftermath.
Feb 20, 2013

Finding a new branch of my family tree in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand– They were complete strangers, but it instantly felt like a family reunion. One week before I departed for my first international reporting trip, my grandmother Cece and my great aunt Karen casually drop to me on Facebook that, oh by the way, I have relatives in Thailand. Come again? Now I’m from a long and […]
Nov 26, 2012

Northwest expats in Thailand cheer Obama victory with locals

BANGKOK, Thailand–As the elections unfolded yesterday in the US, a small huddle of Americans glued their eyes to the CNN report, broadcasting the returns in a mostly empty bar here in Bangkok. The American-owned Roadhouse BBQ was one of only two bars in the city advertising an election watch. Yet in a city packed full […]
Nov 7, 2012

Scotland wants a breakup, misogynist schooled on sexism, cats turned copters

Scotland launches breakup campaign after 300-year relationship with England There’s nothing worse than ending a long-term relationship. You have to tell your friends and family and decide who’s going to keep that TV you went halfsies on. But that’s just what the Scottish National Party wants after successfully initiating a referendum for Scottish Independence. However, […]
Oct 18, 2012

In honor of I-502: A Globalist marijuana travel guide

My name is Sara and I smoke pot. Ahh. I feel so much better. And if Initiative 502 passes next month, there’s going to be a lot more people coming out of their smoky closets. Our state looks to be on the verge of legalizing pot for recreational use, so it’s about time we start […]
Oct 10, 2012