Scotland wants a breakup, misogynist schooled on sexism, cats turned copters

Scotland launches breakup campaign after 300-year relationship with England

Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond holds the agreement on a referendum on independence for Scotland, which will usher forth the most dramatic public breakup in modern history. REUTERS/David Moir

There’s nothing worse than ending a long-term relationship.

You have to tell your friends and family and decide who’s going to keep that TV you went halfsies on.

But that’s just what the Scottish National Party wants after successfully initiating a referendum for Scottish Independence.

However, in this episode of “Sally Jessy Raphael,” the family is the undecided voters of Scotland, the friends are the rest of the world, and the TV equates to transitioning an economy into financial independence during a worldwide crisis. No big whoop.

The official breakup won’t even be decided until 2014. That means two years of public marriage counseling and duking it out over who said what and who cheated on who drama that is sure to rival the Tom-Cat breakup.

Australian PM calls out sexism in world’s best 15-minute zinger

This is what schooling looks like. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, right, gives conservative opposition leader Tony Abbott a lesson about sexism.

Obama and Romney should take a lesson on rebuttals from Prime Minister Juila Gillard who epically lectured conservative oppostion leader Tony Abbott on the definition of misogyny.

How epic was it?

Well, it caught the attention of Macquarie Dictionary, the authority on Australian meanings of words, who broadened and updated its definition of “misogyny” following Abbott’s schooling.


Dutch man elevates love of dead cat to a new level…about 20 feet in the air

No words can adequately describe the work by a Dutch artist in love with his cat. Just watch. And then read the full story here.