The face-kini fad, robot Olympics, and a phone booth facelift

Face-kini sweeps China beaches as world’s most awkward fashion fad

This almost certainly beats out Jnco jeans and the piano key necktie as one of the most awkward (and somewhat terrifying) fashion trends. The simple, stretchy face mask seems to be more for utility than fashion, as women try to preserve a pale complexion on sunny beaches.


A robot lifts a spindle of DVDs in the robot Olympics in Bristol. (Video still via

Robots weight lift, shoot and score in tiny Olympic games

Sure we’ve all seen robot competitions before. But the BBC takes video reporting to new awesome levels by interviewing the robot “athletes” with first-person narration from their creators. It’s simply brilliant. Watch it over at BBC.

São Paulo - Bela Vista: Call Parade - Menina de Capuz
A phone booth in São Paulo was redesigned by artist Alexandre Truff. It’s one of 100 that got a facelift as part of the Call Parade. (Photo by Wally Gobetz via Flickr)

São Paulo commissions 100 phone booths to artists

Just when we all thought they were dead technology, artifacts of bygone communication dotting street corners, Brazil gives phone booths a fanciful facelift. The Call Parade paired 100 artists with 100 phone booth coverings and given free reign. Check out the full range of booths here.