Globalist Roundup: DIY prosthetics, Belgium street harassment, Downton Abbey cookbook

Chinese man builds own prosthetics after fishing accident

Sun Jifa is the new face of DIY disability adaptation after making his own prosthetic arms from steel and scrap metal. The arms took eight years to construct, but were the alternative to the expensive models recommended by the hospital. (Via Daily Mail

A backwards baseball hat will get you pulled aside by TSA in Boston airports

The Transportation Security Administration is under investigation for using racial profiling techniques that not only targeted Middle Easterners (as Globalist reporter Alma Khasawnih writes), but also Hispanics traveling to Miami and black people wearing backwards baseball hats or expensive jewelry. (Via the New York Times.

Still from Sofie Peeters’ documentary, Femme de la Rue, on street harassment in Belgium.

Documentary captures rampant public harassment

Belgium film student Sofie Peeters’ short documentary went viral this month after hitting a chord on street harassment. (Via Ms. Magazine Blog)

If every person lived like Americans, how many planets would we need?

The answer to this and how other countries stack up in the resources pile provided by Tim de Chant‘s eye-opening inforgraphic. (Via Tree Hugger)

“The Unofficial Downtown Abbey Cookbook” featuring 150 receipts inspired by the show.

Having “Downton Abbey” withdraws? Try Mrs. Isobel Crawley’s Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches

Season 6 won’t be appearing on American televisions until Jan. 6, 2013, but fans can comfort themselves in the meantime with fanciful recipes from this unofficial “Downtown Abbey” cookbook. (Via