Kollaboration showcases local Asian American talent

The talent pool of Asian American performers in the Northwest is deep. But the organizers of Kollaboration Seattle say making it to the national stage means overcoming some stereotypes.
Sep 24, 2013
The Seattle meetup for last year's Global reddit Meetup day, at Golden Gardens. (Photo courtesy /r/Seattle.)

Today is Global reddit Meetup Day!

Once a year thousands of redditors around the globe do the unthinkable: They shut down their computers and meet up in person, trolls and all.
Jun 15, 2013

Archrivals abroad become fast friends in the Northwest

When people from rival nations meet in the Pacific Northwest, do their national grudges hold true?
Jun 11, 2013

Sister Cities reception celebrates Seattle’s international ties

The 17th annual Seattle Sister Cities reception last week brought people from all around the globe to Seattle City Hall to celebrate diversity and cross-cultural relationships.
May 17, 2013

Google GIFs show a rapidly changing Earth

New satellite images are a jarring reminder of the massive transformations humans have made to the planet. 
May 12, 2013

North Korea threatens, Internet laughs

Earlier this week gave you a rundown of North Korea’s actual social media presence. Now here’s a look at the memes, GIFs and parody accounts that have sprung up in response to Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threats.
Apr 19, 2013

North Korea wants to be your Facebook friend

It may be the ‘hermit kingdom’ but North Korea has a growing internet presence and a social media strategy.
Apr 16, 2013

Molding a million bones for victims of genocide

Seattle lends a hand in a macabre participatory art project to raise awareness of humanitarian crises in Congo and Somalia.
Apr 6, 2013