Seattle fashion show encourages women to embrace their curves

(Photo by Gene Wang Photography)

Motivational speaker and coach Kimberly J. Walker aims to energize women by taking plus-size fashion by storm.

She is the founder of Curves Beautifully Empowered, an organization dedicated to helping women and girls embrace their curves and become more confident. The organization recently held a held a fashion show at Seattle Center’s Armory.

The runway show included local and national independent fashion designers.

“This movement is for every woman to love and embrace her body with confidence. This is about embracing the journey of knowing who you are. This is for all women to feel like they can achieve their goals and dreams. This about connecting and building meaningful relationships,” Walker said.  “Every woman was born into this world more than enough just as she is and if and when she wants to make changes, she is doing it for herself first.”

Walker founded Curves Beautifully Empowered to show the world that bodies with curves are beautiful no matter the shade or size of the body.

“As many women have approached me over the years with questions about my ability to be confident, I realized there is a need. I know when a woman does not fit a standard of beauty in this society, they are often limited by either their own perception of self and or by how others treat them,” Walker said. “However, when you know who you are, your personal worth and the power you have as a woman, your quality of life can increase tremendously. My platform’s mission is to transform the lives of women with curves by giving support, tools and provide experiences needed to live an empowered life. I define empowerment as the promotion of self-actualization of one’s inner beauty and power.”

(Photo by WTM Media Photography and Promotion.)
(Photo by Gene Wang Photography.)
(Photo by Jerry Hoo In His Eyes Photography)
(Photo by Jerry Hoo In His Eyes Photography)
(Photo by WTM Media Photography and Promotions)