The Colors of Green

The Colors of Green is a podcast on environmental justice in Seattle. We speak to local changemakers on how communities of color are leading the way in Seattle’s environmental justice movement.

The Colors of Green is reported and hosted by Kamna Shastri, and edited with Kyle Norris. Illustrations are by Kimberly Westenhiser. The series is produced by The Seattle Globalist.

James Rasmussen

James Rasmussen (Illustration by Kimberly Westenhiser)

James Rasmussen’s family has been connected to the Duwamish River for 10,000 years, and his concept of home fuels his stewardship of the river.

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Sonali Jasuja

Sonali Jasuja (Illustration by Kimberly Westenhiser)

Sonali Jasuja walks us through her journey from being a tech worker to becoming a mentor to young women passionate about building a better environmental future.

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Tania Tam Park

Tania Tam Park (Illustration by Kimberly Westenhiser)

Tania Tam Park says that people of color and immigrants practice environmental stewardship in ways that can challenge the dominant view of environmentalism.

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Jill Mangaliman

Jill Mangaliman (Illustration by Kimberly Westenhiser)

Jill Mangaliman speaks on the community power that is at the heart of resilience in the face of environmental instability.

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Host and Reporter: Kamna Shastri

Editor: Kyle Norris

Produced by: Kamna Shastri, Kyle Norris and The Seattle Globalist

Illustrations: Kimberly Westenhiser

Created with support from the City of Seattle’s Environment and Equity Initiative

Music by Podington Bear.