Agueda Pacheco-Flores: Question authority and be mighty through journalism

Agueda Pacheco-Flores is being recognized as Journalist of the Year at the 2018 Globie Awards. (Photo by Cristy Acuña)

Agueda Pachedo-Flores is The Seattle Globalist’s Journalist of the Year.

A former intern and contributor with The Seattle Globalist, Agueda is currently a breaking news reporter at The Seattle Times where she received a three-year reporting fellowship following a three-month stint where she excelled as their night time reporter.

As our 2018 Journalist of the Year, we are recognizing Agueda for her dedication, drive, and tenacity in local journalism. Agueda, 22, has also shown great leadership in advocating for young journalists and demonstrated great critical thinking and understanding for covering diverse communities. Agueda attributes her love of storytelling to her Mexican roots. She was born in San Juan Del Rio, Queretaro, in Mexico, but moved to Seattle in 1999 when she was 3 years old. She grew up listening to stories of her homeland like fairy tales and strongly identifies with her culture as a result. Those stories and her inability to see her native country, due to her immigration status as a DACA recipient, primed her innate sense of curiosity for years to come.

Agueda has been reporting and writing since she was 17. Agueda has an immense passion for challenges, adventures, and storytelling, and has been described by friends and family as a fiercely independent and ballsy women since a very young age.

The Globalist will honor Agueda at our 2018 Globie Awards gala on Friday, October 26, 2018. The Globalist caught up with Agueda to talk about her work and her aspirations as a journalist.

You’ve devoted much of your time advocating for young journalists and being a leader among your peers. What advice do you have for emerging journalists looking to start their careers?

Take risks to set yourself apart. Leave professionals nice notes for whatever reason. Smile and stay positive. And be humble, it’s okay to think you’re good but you’ll never get better if you think you’re the best.

What do you think is the most effective way to address the disparities in representation in news media and in the newsrooms?

Hire more people of color and ask for their input and give POC, especially women of color positions of power.

What kind of stories do you most enjoy reporting on?

I love covering federal court stories. They tell themselves and the outcome of a single case can set precedents for years to come.

How do you feel like you are evolving as a writer and as a journalist?

During my time as a breaking news reporter I’ve really honed my skill to write concisely and tighten up my content. I’ve also found ways to really get colorful without having to use so many words, adverbs have been my best friends recently. As a journalist I’ve had a lot of fun conducting interviews with authority. Being able to call authorities themselves and feel the tension pulled tighter by my questions. I think it really has reminded me how mighty any person can be when they have the First Amendment as their steed.

Agueda Pacheco-Flores will be recognized as the Journalist of the Year at the 2018 Globie Awards on Friday, October 26, 2018 at Georgetown Ballroom. For more information, visit