US Senator — Maria Cantwell

Maria Cantwell (Courtesy Photo)

What are specific ways you have helped people of color and/or the immigrant community?

Throughout my career, I’ve always stood strongly against racism, intolerance and bigotry. It’s my belief that the American Dream is for anyone willing to work hard and play by the rules regardless of their skin color or where they came from. I’ve been a vocal supporter of comprehensive reform that would keep immigrant families together, bring them out of the shadows, and allow them to keep contributing to our economy and enriching our culture like they’ve been doing since our country was founded.

What is the biggest legislative priority for communities of color and the immigrant community in the next few years? Do you think there are legislative concerns that are unique to these communities?

Our country needs to keep its promise to DREAMers and their families. Punishing children who have done nothing wrong and known no other country but this one is wrong, plain and simple. Republicans may think deporting someone to a country they’ve never lived is an acceptable policy, but I don’t and I will fight as hard as I can to make sure that never comes to pass.

What are specific ways that the office you seek would affect communities of color and the immigrant community, if you are elected?

Washington is a diverse state, and I’ve always done my best to remember that while serving as its Senator. The policy we make in Washington impacts communities or color and immigrants in profound ways, whether its immigration, health care, education or criminal justice reform. In my experience, I’ve found that immigrants and people of color want the same thing as everyone else: a fair shake and to be treated with respect. I’ve been proud to receive tremendous support from these communities in the past and I hope to earn their support again this November.