Legislative District 5, Representative Position 2 — Paul Graves

Paul Graves (Courtesy Photo)

What are specific ways you have helped people of color and/or the immigrant community?

In my first term, I supported legislation to allow U visa holders to apply for commercial drivers’ licenses, prime sponsored the ACLU’s top priority (eliminating the criminal conviction for driving with a suspended license), and welcomed and met with several groups representing people of color and immigrant communities.

What is the biggest legislative priority for communities of color and the immigrant community in the next few years? Do you think there are legislative concerns that are unique to these communities?

In East King County, which I represent, our immigrant communities, in my experience, tend to prioritize policies in similar ways to the rest of the community: excellent schools with high standards, reducing traffic congestion, and a thriving and welcoming business community where every person can go as far as their talents and work ethic can take them.

What are specific ways that the office you seek would affect communities of color and the immigrant community, if you are elected?

The achievement gap in education is a notable issue still to be addressed. I will continue working to make sure that every student in the state gets a world-class education and the opportunity to succeed.