The Seattle Globalist asks the Mayoral Candidates

Seattle Mayoral Candidates (courtesy photos)

In preparation of the 2017 primary, we asked Seattle’s Mayoral Candidates to answer six questions on topics of interest to Seattle Globalist readers.

We asked each candidate to fill out a questionnaire with the following questions:

We’ve compiled the candidates’ answers below.

Candidates (alphabetical order)

Gary E. Brose
Casey Carlisle
Tiniell Cato
Jenny Durkan
Jessyn Farrell
Thom Gunn*
Greg Hamilton*
Michael Harris*
Bob Hasegawa*
Lewis A. Jones*
Dave Kane*
Harley Lever
Mary J. Martin*
Mike McGinn
Cary Moon
James W. Norton, Jr.
Larry Oberto (added July 14)
Nikkita Oliver
Jason Roberts
Alex Tsimerman
Keith J. Whiteman*

Candidates marked with an asterisk (*) did not complete a questionnaire in time for publication, but we will add those questionnaires to this form if they’re turned in.

Ballots for the Aug. 1 primary will be mailed on Wednesday July 12. Ballots must be postmarked or turned into a ballot drop box by 8 p.m. Aug. 1. The top two candidates will continue to the general election in November.