Washington state primary results: Jayapal pulls ahead in Congressional race

(Photo courtesy PramilaJayapal.com)
(Photo courtesy PramilaJayapal.com)

While there are several front-running candidates after early returns Tuesday night in Washington state’s top-2 primary, other races will have a clearer picture of the general election as the state continues to count over the next week.

In the gubernatorial race, Gov. Jay Inslee and Republican challenger Bill Bryant both are leading the field of eleven candidates. Inslee has about 48 percent of the vote, leading Bryant by 10 percentage points.

OneAmerica founder and state legislator Pramila Jayapal was ahead easily in early returns Tuesday night in the race to replace outgoing Congressman Jim McDermott in Washington’s 7th District. However, King County Councilmember Joe McDermott (no relation to Jim) edged state Rep. Brady Walkinshaw by nearly 600 votes.

In the race for lieutenant governor, early returns have Republican Marty McClendon, a real estate agent and radio host, and Democrat Cyrus Habib, a state senator, in the top two slots. Two Democrats, Steve Hobbs and Karen Fraser, were also in a close race for third, with each having more than 15 percent of the vote.

In the race for Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, a non-partisan open seat, Tacoma School District administrator Erin Jones and state Rep. Chris Reykdal appear to be headed to the general election, with each having more than 20 percent of the statewide vote.

In ballot measures, Seattle voters easily passed a seven-year $290 million housing levy, which will be spent on preserving or building affordable housing within the city limits. Seattle voters also decisively voted against Initiative 123, which would have built a park on the Alaskan Way Viaduct, slated to be torn down and replaced with a tunnel because of earthquake safety.

Full statewide results, including the races for Congress: Washington state Secretary of State election website.

Full King County results: King County Elections

Selected Tuesday night results

Candidate Vote Vote %
Goodspaceguy (Prefers Republican Party)
8,485 1.06%
Bill Hirt (Prefers Republican Party)
32,986 4.13%
Mary Martin (Prefers Socialist Worker Party)
6,174 0.77%
Steve Rubenstein (Prefers Independent Party)
12,833 1.61%
David W. Blomstrom (Prefers Fifth Republic Party)
2,957 0.37%
Johnathan Dodds (Prefers Democratic Party)
9,588 1.2%
Patrick O’Rourke (Prefers Democratic Party)
22,406 2.81%
Christian Pierre Joubert (Prefers Holistic Party)
2,281 0.29%
James Robert Deal (Prefers Democratic Party)
8,440 1.06%
Jay Inslee (Prefers Democratic Party)
387,743 48.57%
Bill Bryant (Prefers Republican Party)
304,459 38.14%


Congressional District 7 – U.S. Representative
Candidate Vote Vote %
Brady Piñero Walkinshaw (Prefers Democratic Party)
20,300 20.93%
Scott Sutherland (Prefers Republican Party)
5,114 5.27%
Don Rivers (Prefers Democratic Party)
1,388 1.43%
Pramila Jayapal (Prefers Democratic Party)
37,056 38.21%
Leslie Regier (States No Party Preference)
1,356 1.4%
Craig Keller (Prefers Republican Party)
8,731 9%
Arun Jhaveri (Prefers Democratic Party)
1,585 1.63%
Joe McDermott (Prefers Democratic Party)
20,886 21.54%
Carl Cooper (States No Party Preference)
554 0.57%


Superintendent of Public Instruction
Candidate Vote Vote %
43,908 6.68%
135,307 20.59%
112,714 17.15%
13,757 2.09%
98,547 15%
18,826 2.86%
149,530 22.75%
25,466 3.88%
59,095 8.99%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 657,150


Lt. Governor
Candidate Vote Vote %
Marty McClendon (Prefers Republican Party)
154,544 20.35%
Mark Greene (Prefers Citizens Party)
7,458 0.98%
Phillip Yin (Prefers Republican Party)
75,782 9.98%
Steve Hobbs (Prefers Democratic Party)
118,514 15.61%
Karen Fraser (Prefers Democratic Party)
123,598 16.27%
Bill Penor (Prefers Republican Party)
33,994 4.48%
Paul Addis (Prefers Libertarian Party)
14,626 1.93%
Daniel B. Davies (States No Party Preference)
10,411 1.37%
Karen Wallace (Prefers Democratic Party)
38,408 5.06%
Cyrus Habib (Prefers Democratic Party)
148,623 19.57%
Javier H. Figueroa (Prefers Republican Party)
33,479 4.41%
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