Love Just Might be the Next Thing You Find in Seattle!

Sunny Cai (Photo by Prama Pratim)
Sunny Cai (Photo by Prama Pratim)

In the 5th loneliest city in the United States, every now and then you will find someone texting on their phone, but hardly would you ever find them having a real conversation. So have you ever crossed a stranger in Seattle and wondered how finding love could be for a newbie in this lonely city? Here’s a take into the top three dating spots in Seattle in the eyes of those who found love here and a sneak peak into their love stories.

“Sunny Cai
Age: 19
Loves: Long Conversations, Adventures
Dating for: 3 months
First met her date: At the gym
Favorite dating activity: Bungee jumping

Sunny Cai, 19, moved to Seattle just a year back. While she was still trying to fit herself into this city she found love! She first met Vinsonlauwson at a gym but the mingling started when they bumped into each other on Tinder and got a match 3 months ago. She says “After about half a year we met on Tinder, we got a match and he was like wait you’re the girl who was working out at the gym right!”  Yet they did not rush into a real relationship but are taking the time to know each other.

Sunny loves how interactive her boyfriend is. In her words “he is a very interactive guy, some guys say bland stuff like you’re very beautiful and things like that but he can pull off a real conversation.”  Sunny suggests that you should definitely check the weather first if you date in Seattle! She describes International District as her favorite place to date as it is so diverse. Since she is really adventurous, her perfect date is a day when they could go bungee jumping, have dinner at a place that serves Octopus and then go to his place to make some desserts together. In case bungee jumping scares you she says you could just get a ride on the Great Circle and have a good chit chat. In her words, more than the perfect place it is about the person you are with.

Shujing and Ta on a beautiful summer day (Photo by Prama Pratim)

“Shujing Lyu
Age: 21
Loves: Hiking, nature, her cat Cookie
Dating for: 1.5 years
First met her date: Through a friend
Favorite dating activity: Hiking

Shujing Li, 21, is the introverted girl next door who has been staying in Seattle for the last three years. She met Ta one and a half years ago while she was still struggling with mending her broken heart. Ta came in like a magic spell. They are not the very gushy mushy romantic couple as you might expect, but there are those little things that make their love story special in its own way. While describing her favorite thing about Ta she said, “he is the one that knows me best, he is not the most caring one but he knows what I want.”  Shujing adds that her Bainbridge getaway was just the perfect date! They took a ferry ride to there and spent a whole day looking into some boutiques, had ice cream at Mora which is one of the most reviewed ice cream places in the US. She also loved how he got her roses that he picked himself.  So look around, your soulmate might just be around, and simple gestures could create a spark!

Elise and Hannah laughing their hearts out! (Photo courtesy Elise Evans)
Elise and Hannah laughing their hearts out! (Photo courtesy of Elise E.)

“Elise E.
Age: 28
Loves: Ballets, hiking
Dating for: 6 years
First met her fiance: At college
Favorite dating activity: Watching ballets together

Elise E., 28, met Hannah her now fiance during their undergrad at Mount Holyoke College and has lived in Seattle since fall of 2010. Elise says, “the origins of our romance really date back to our college days. When we came out here, since we both were in our 20’s we were both originally a little unemployed we would seek out the free or low cost date options.” This amazing couple still does that! They often visit various diverse cultural events, like free Shakespeare plays at the park and also plan hikes together.  It’s interesting how Elise says her perfect date will be different from Hannah’s, but they both love new and exciting experiences so they actively try to seek them. These love birds love watching Pacific Northwest Ballet, Elise loves the dance and Hannah appreciates the costumes and the music and so an amazing conversation starts just after the ballet. Elise describes her perfect date as an extended weekend when they would kayak around lake Washington, then go home, get dressed and see the ballet. It also includes getting cider at Schillings Cider House (you could bring your own food in yay!) or making one on their own in the balcony and chatting till the starts create a blanket over them. She also loves visiting Cupcake Royale with Hannah but more than that she loves how she notices the little things around. Elise doesn’t forget to warn that dating in Seattle can be challenging if you do not plan ahead! So see the weather forecast, pack jackets and snacks for the road and then you can do anything!

So guess what, finding love might not be as terrifying as you think. Now that you know where to go, get out of the shell ask your partner out and celebrate the amazing places around Seattle. Also start looking around, as cliched as it might sound your soulmate could be the next person you meet!

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