QTPOC parties are necessary (here are five coming up this month!)

(Courtesy of Night Crush Facebook page)
(Courtesy of Night Crush Facebook page)

In the wake of Orlando, our hearts are heavy.

It’s time to stop debating/pontificating/arguing whether “Safe Spaces” are necessary. Not only are they necessary, but they are essential to our survival.

When I moved to Seattle from the Bay Area I was surprised how many places I found that I could dance and feel good about being there. We have a growing number of QTPOC (Queer and Trans People of Color) centered dance parties, all born from our frustrations and need to carve our own space in white Seattle. Allies are welcome, but these parties have strict “rules” and hire community enforcers to make sure people are safe/being held accountable.

The creators of these events know that it’s more important than ever that people have a safe space to grieve & get down. This weekend and next we’ll deal with our pain the way we always have, bailando al ritmo.

Soul-Fi — Friday, June 17 @10pm 13268420_485999841603664_793554716665344139_o

From the organizers:

Dance yr life! Let’s heat it up for a June SOUL-FI!!!

We’ll get the summer started in style, with our own people and our own music. Soul, R&B, funk, hip-hop, disco, house, dancehall, reggae, everything Black Black Black Black Black is the name of the day.

Sliding scale $0-10 before 11:30 p.m. // $7 after.
5% of the door will be donated to Equality Florida for distribution to victims of the Orlando tragedy and their families.

Caramelo — Saturday, June 18 @10pm 13323744_524115621106510_8285849598064442272_o

From the organizers:

Caramelo is Seattle’s ONLY queer and trans Latinx dance party. Caramelo was “created by people of color to create space for people of color and understanding allies.”

Free before 11p.m. // $5 after 11p.m.

Darqness — Friday, June 24 @10pm 13433102_492322390971409_5577154503559874497_o

From the organizers:

DARQNESS and SOUL-FI are combining forces so we can escape whitewashed corporate Pride and celebrate to our own music with our own people.

Re-bar // 1114 Howell St.
Sliding scale before 11:30p.m. // $10 after

Night Crush — Saturday, June 25 @9pm13415599_990898497694380_5906447391952056096_o

From the organizers:



NIGHT CRUSH is a party in Seattle, for queers and their legit allies.

In hopes of better supporting our community, and making Night Crush as accessible as possible, the first hour we are offering a sliding scale door price of $0 – $25.

*** Please remember that the people who organize this party depend on the money made at the door for their livelihood… So please pay what you are able.***

For the HELLA QUEER Pride™ edition of Night Crush the door price has increased to $10. The reason for this is to be able to pay the artists / djs / dancers / photographers more than we would normally be able to give them. These folks are working extra hard this weekend to provide you with the best possible experience. Door will go back to $7 on the following Night Crush.


Love is the Message — Saturday, June 25th @7pm

From the organizers: 
Love is the Message// The Black Pride Party
The purpose is to create a safe holistic space for the various intersections of the Black LGBTQ community to come and celebrate the Pride season.
There will be a family hour which is co-presented by the Seattle Public Library, this is free for families with youth 15 and younger, starting at 7pm and ending at 8:30pm.
General admission will open at 9pm
featuring Dj Riz Rollins and StasTheeBoss of THEESatisfaction
Velocity Dance Center // $5[15 and under] $10[16 to 20] $15[21 and up]
(Image by <a href="http://juliosalgadoart.com/"> Julio Salgado</a>)
(Image by Julio Salgado)

See you there.