The Seattle Globalist welcomes Anna Goren and Ruchika Tulshyan to the board

The author and her husband show off their Seahawks pride. (Photo by Alex Stonehill)
Tulshyan, right, with her husband in early 2014. (Photo by Alex Stonehill)

The Seattle Globalist has added two new people to its board of directors: Ruchika Tulshyan and Anna Goren, and announced that it is currently seeking applications from candidates interested in joining the board of directors.

“It is really exciting to bring these two women onto the board, because both of them have worked with the Globalist in many different ways — they know the organization so well,” said Globalist Executive Director Jessica Partnow.

Ruchika Tulshyan

Tulshyan first got involved with the Globalist when she met the founders two and half years ago when she moved to Seattle.

“I was looking to connect with publications that were really interested in international affairs, diversity…that sort of thing. So, when I met them, I really loved their mission and what they were trying to do,” said Tulshyan.

In 2015, Tulshyan became a mentor for the Globalist’s apprenticeship program. She says that experience made her passionate about the Globalist’s work.

While Tulshyan has worked for many different publications before, including Forbes and CNN, she’s drawn to the platform the Globalist offers writers to tell their stories.

In the past, Tulshyan said she struggled with coming to the realization that her voice does matter and that her stories deserve attention which is why she loves how the Globalist encourages diversity.

“It’s been incredible to meet young people, especially young people of color, who weren’t sure that they could be journalists, that they could write, that they could do videos,” said Tulshyan. “And through the globalist they get empowered to tell these really amazing stories that aren’t published in other places.”

As a board member, Tulshyan is excited to continue shaping the Globalist’s future.

“I’m learning! I think being a board member will be really interesting because I really love the vision and mssion of the Seattle Globalist,” said Tulshyan. “I really hope that some of the experiences I’ve had will help bring in a new perspective to the Globalist.”

Anna Goren, 2013 Globie Award winner. (Photo by Lucas Anderson)
Anna Goren at the Globie Awards in 2013, where she won the Globie for in-depth reporting. (Photo by Lucas Anderson)

Anna Goren

Goren’s journey to the Globalist begins with a volunteer trip to East Africa after graduating from college. When she came home she wanted to write about her experience and the people she had interviewed, but wasn’t sure where to publish it.

When she found the Globalist and started working on a story with editor-in-chief Alex Stonehill, she says she fell in love with the Globalist’s mission.

“It’s easy to stick to sites you always check, but through the Globalist I’ve read about things I otherwise never would have been able to read about,” said Goren, citing the diversity in voices as one of her favorite things about the Globalist.

Aside from the Globalist, one of Goren’s passions lies in food which is what led her to create Tupp Ups (short for tupperware updates), a leftovers blog, with her sister. She also works as a writer and associate consultant for the Collins Group and teaches creative writing classes in King County.

Now, as a board member for the Globalist, she hopes to to get more people in the community involved, whether it’s through writing articles or just reading them. Goren is interested in the fundraising and advertising aspects of getting people involved.

“At the highest level, being a board member for me means being an ambassador in the community,” said Goren.

Interested in joining the Seattle Globalist’s board of directors?

Check out all the details in the job description and feel free to send your questions to Executive Director Jessica Partnow.