Top 5 things to do in Seattle this March

March is here! With it comes International Women’s Day and impressive array of opportunities to delve deep into local and global issues of gender disparity.

Plus you can join the Black to the Future Hackathon, or one of the many exciting festivals and celebrations of our region’s global diversity. There are also events touching on race, and others about Iran and Cuba, and even a politically-inspired anti-Islamophobia rally. You can probably guess who they aren’t endorsing.

1. International Women’s Day


This year, there are so many International Women’s Day events! March 5 is International Working Women’s Day and Got Green asks “what’s your feminism like?” with a lunch and discussion of the World March of Women (Marcha Mundial de las Mujeres).

Women of Color Speak Out connects the intersections of gender justice and climate justice. The Northwest Film Forum hosts an all day event with film, theater, readings and a panel discussion. And on Sunday, you can find a great mentor thanks to an IWD Speed Mentorship workshop!

This all leads up to International Women’s Day, March 8 with a great discussion and panel at WeWork and a seminar and panel the University of Washington.

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2. Black to the Future Hackathon

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.15.54 PM

The Black to the Future Hackathon envisions a better world focused on our black community’s youth, affordable housing and thriving business… and finds ways to actually make them happen, all in one weekend.

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3. Ghana’s 59th Independence Ball

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Ghana is a spry country, and our local Ghanaians know how to party. The Independence Day Ball (celebrating the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to cast off colonialism!) promises authentic cuisine, and “groovy music.” They’ve brought together local and international DJs, a performance from Okropong Cultural Ensemble and a full live band!

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4. King-Snohomish County Regional Spelling Bee


Kids showing off their mastery of words of various esoteric etymologies… that’s global, right? Either way, it’ll be intense! Hope you can handle the flashbacks to middle school and the nail-biters as the trepidatious youth slooowly make their way through words you’ve never even heard. Recommended!

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5. Holi: Festival of Color


Holi is an ancient Indian festival involving bright powdered colors and sharing pure glee with a mass of strangers. The biggest Holi festival in the northwest takes place in Redmond, and can be huge.

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