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Jama Abdirahman is a 2015 Globalist Youth Apprentice and winner of the Globie Award for youth journalist.
Jama Abdirahman is a 2015 Globalist Youth Apprentice and winner of the Globie Award for youth journalist.

We are facing a crisis in media. U.S. newsrooms are less than 13 percent staffed by people of color. That hasn’t changed in more than 10 years.

When we don’t have diversity in the media, we miss out on important stories. We only see the world through one lens. We don’t get media that truly represents the world we live in. Amidst the police brutality, xenophobia, and violence our nation has seen this year, it is more important than ever to demand diversity in our media.

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At this time last year Jama Abdirahman didn’t think of himself as a journalist. He didn’t believe anyone would want to read about the issues that mattered to him. He didn’t see why any news organization would want to publish his work. Or why any person would want to read his stories. But he joined the Globalist Youth Apprenticeship program and started to experiment with covering what was most important to him: race and the Black Lives Matter movement in Seattle.

Today, Jama has published eight stories on The Seattle Globalist. He’s had his photography featured in The Seattle Times and the Los Angeles Times. He’s become a leader among his peers at Seattle Central and UW Bothell. His reporting has had such an impact that the FBI recently showed up at his doorstep wanting to question him about his connections to protestors.

But by then Jama saw himself as a journalist. He knew he had a right to tell the stories important to him. He was confident in his own voice, and he refused to be intimidated.

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