Takoyaki snack stand debuts at Shoreline Farmer’s Market

Are artisan Japanese snacks the next big thing in Seattle?

Based on the new Momi food stand at the Shoreline Farmer’s Market, and its signature dish, takoyaki, it sure looks like it.

So what is takoyaki?

(Video by Forrest Baum with Music by J.Lang feat. Airtone and Grapes feat. J Lang, Morusque)

The egg-heavy, golden-fried dough balls filled with tender octopus are a snack from Japan’s Kansai Province. They’re cooked on a special grill with round depressions.

Momi is a family affair, with father Munetaka Kayo, daughter Mika Kayo and son Ken Kayo running the stand on a recent Saturday.

Momi Takoyaki
The Kayo family behind Momi takoyaki. From left to right: Munetaka, Ken and Mika Kayo. (Photo by Forrest Baum)

Before he and his family arrived in the Northwest by way of Guam, Munetaka Kayo had been a chef for 40 years, passing on his love of good food to his children.

So, how is the takoyaki?

“I’ve lived in Japan for a few years. I’ve had lots of takoyaki,” said Tim Zimmer at the Shoreline Farmer’s Market, with his son, Raven, in tow. “What I really liked about [Momi’s takoyaki] is it had a really nice, crispy outside and a really juicy, tender inside. The tako, which is octopus, wasn’t overcooked. That was awesome takoyaki!”

They have dessert, too: Sata andagi (Okinawan donuts), and an Ujikintoki (matcha green tea) shaved ice, great treats to munch on while waiting for that takoyaki to finish cooking.

Ujikintoki shaved ice
Ujikintoki shaved ice: azuki beans, matcha, green tea. (Photo by Forrest Baum)

Find Momi’s takoyaki at the Shoreline Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. until Oct. 3.