Top 5 things to do in Seattle this July


July is here, and with it patriotism, fire & thrills — and we aren’t even talking about the fireworks! The Globalist Calendar is just bursting with Bollywood this month. Lava’s shooting out as well, as we see what can be learned from the world’s volcanoes. Don’t forget the excitement of leadership and justice training, along with our usual offerings of music, film and dance as you check out my top picks for fun things to do this month!

1) Red, White and Bollywood with Improv Comedy Mumbai, July 2-5

Improv Comedy Mumbai is going to improvise an entire Bollywood musical this weekend. Four times. Be there.

Improv Comedy Mumbai have represented India at international Improv Competitions and they’re coming to town with a show celebrating the over-the-top joy that is Bollywood Movies. Heroes, villains, love-stories, and elaborate song and dance all come together with your audience suggestions! Their July 4th Red, White and Bollywood even gets out early so the sparks can keep flying as they follow you home.

If you like this, we have Moar Bollywood in store, with the Dine n’ Dance – Bollywood Dance Party!

2) Resilience at the Crossroads of Race and Climate Justice, July 5


Looking back on the ten years since Hurricane Katrina, we have gained a greater understanding of how racism intersects with environmental issues. With Global Warming already affecting minorities at home as well as abroad, a number of local progressive groups are convening a FREE event to confront these problems. With a goal of ‘Resilience’ against these immense and ponderous problems, you can join in a hopeful movement towards a sustainable future.

3) Cascadia: The Hidden Fire – Plus: Emergency Prep in the Pacific NW, July 10


It was just the 35th anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption, and while we don’t think of the serene Pacific Northwest as a volcanic hotspot, perhaps we should. Cascadia: The Hidden Fire explores the unique geology of our region, as well as looking at lessons to be learned from around the world. Meaningful Movies are always followed by a spirited discussion, so bring your opinions. The Seattle Office of Emergency Management will be on hand with all the best facts on the worst case scenario.

4) OneAmerica Leadership Training, July 12 Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.04.51 PM

Is something not right in your community? OneAmerica is the largest Immigrants Rights organization in the state, and they’re here to help you organize to make your voice heard. This workshop will help with strategy towards reaching real goals and making lasting change. Step up!

5) Hagereseb – Film Inspired by Yesler Terrace Residents, July 23


Fresh from the Seattle International Film Festival, Hagereseb is ready to be seen by a wider audience… and they’re making it a party! Inspired by actual stories of people living in Yesler Terrace in 1997, Hagereseb is the first major film from director Zia Mohajerjasbi, who you may know from his video work for Blue Scholars and Macklemore. Q&A with the cast & crew, as well as DJ DV One spinning 90s cuts, with a full program hosted by Larry Mizell and Rahwa Habte.

Find all this, plus Ky-Mani Marley,  Japonisme, FREE World Music & Dance, & more… on the Seattle Globalist events calendar! Have an event to share? It’s easy to submit your own globalist event online. We’ll see you around town, as we share the best of the world, right here at home!