Japanese clothier Uniqlo unveils plans for Bellevue Square

Uniqlo store in Shanghai. (Photo by Uniqlo.)
Uniqlo store in Shanghai. (Photo by Uniqlo.)

Japanese clothing store Uniqlo announced this week that it is opening in Bellevue Square as part of an expansion through the United States.

The local Internet got excited.


Along with bringing contemporary Asian fashion to the Seattle area, and reviving a struggling corner of Bellevue SquareUniqlo is also known for stocking a wide rage of sizes including small, a relief for smaller adults tired of shopping in the children’s sections.

Pien Huang of PRI show “The World” writes, “I’m a 30-year-old Asian-American woman who’s 4-foot-10 — and my size is not that unusual for someone of my background. But here in America, off-the-rack clothes just do not fit.”

The wide range of sizes means that adults of small stature can wear clothes age-appropriately cut and styled, Huang writes.

However, she also was concerned that smaller sizes could once again get crowded out, as the retailer expands through the United States and responds to consumer demand for larger sizes.