Homesick for China? Don’t miss dumpling night 2014

Chinese dumplings. (Photo by Ryan McLaughlin via Flickr)
Chinese dumplings. (Photo by Ryan McLaughlin via Flickr)

Although there are 3,553 Chinese international students enrolled at the University of Washington, it can be easy to get homesick.

That is why the Chinese Student Association (CSA) introduced Dumpling Night a few years ago.

Held every fall quarter, Dumpling Night gives students a chance to learn how to make dumplings said Ray Li, the CSA’s activities coordinator, “It definitely helps with homesickness and gives people a sense of belonging.”

Dumplings are a traditional food in China, especially in the north, where it is common to have dumplings over rice. No words can fully illustrate Chinese’s love for dumplings: they are the embodiment of home and warmth.

This year, for the first time, Dumpling Night will be more of a social mixer than a pure lesson in dumpling making. This is part of the CSA’s effort to share Chinese culture with the broader UW community.

“It is a great chance to meet new people in the UW community and make friends while playing games and being served dumplings,” said Li.

Dumpling Night will be held at the University of Washington School of Social Work building, room 305A Friday Nov. 7 at 6 p.m. The event is free for CSA members and $2 for non-members.