Where to watch your favorite World Cup teams in Seattle

A fan waves a Brazilian flag at a 2010 world cup match against North Korea. (Photo from Wikipedia)

The World Cup has taken over Seattle. A week in and matches are filling TV screens in pretty much every sports bar in town.

Soccer has finally hit it big in Seattle, and it’s here to stay.

But even before the latest wave of Seattle soccer mania, we’ve had fans of world football clubs meeting up at local haunts to show their support for their hometown teams for years.

So rather than going to just any bar to catch the match of your choice, why not get the ambiance right and root alongside the international team supporters who put even diehard Sounders fans to shame with their enthusiasm?

I’ve put together this guide for week two of the World Cup so you can share the love with global fans:

Thu, June 19

9am: Colombia vs. Côte d’Ivoire

12pm: Uruguay vs. England
The George & Dragon Pub in Fremont is a British-style Pub that gets packed for soccer all throughout the season. Should make for quite a fun scene!
Showing All games and some replays.

3pm: Japan vs. Greece


Fri, June 20

9am: Italy vs. Costa Rica
Tutta Bella in Columbia City a great place to catch Italian matches.
With espresso and pastries for morning games.

12pm: Switzerland vs. France
If you want to grab a Croque Madame & a kir, and root for the French, your choice is already made:
Cafe Presse – 12th Ave on Capitol Hill – French-themed
Showing all games – Some early matches repeat in evening.

3pm: Honduras vs. Ecuador


Sat, June 21

9am: Argentina vs. Iran
Phinney Ridge Community Center will be showing every game live on a massive screen
Showing all games, along with food trucks, and childcare the weekend of June 21 & 22!

12pm: Germany vs. Ghana

3pm: Nigeria vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina


Catch outdoor screenings of World Cup matches in Pioneer Square's Nord Alley. (Photo by Jordan Lewis)
Catch outdoor screenings of World Cup matches in Pioneer Square’s Nord Alley. (Photo by Jordan Lewis)

Sun, June 22

9am: Belgium vs. Russia

12pm: Korea Republic vs. Algeria

3pm: United States vs. Portugal
I’m told Atlantic Crossing will be the place to root for the U.S. — and after our big win against Ghana, this will be a match to watch!
Showing all games, some replays. Weekend Breakfast 9am-1pm

Mon, June 23

9am: Australia vs. Spain
Kangaroo & Kiwi Pub is the obvious choice, unless you’re Spanish…
Showing all games, with food starting at 11am, (Brunch at 10am wends)

9am: Netherlands vs. Chile

1pm: Cameroon vs. Brazil
Why not watch Cameroon with actual Cameroonians!
Waid’s on E Jefferson St in the Central District is a good place to root for African teams.
Showing all games, with repeats by request. Caribbean food.

1pm: Croatia vs. Mexico


Tue, June 24

9am: Costa Rica vs. England
The Bridge – West Seattle – English-themed
Showing all games. Open at 8:30am for 9am games. World Cup themed drink menu.

9am: Italy vs. Uruguay

1pm: Greece vs. Côte d’Ivoire

1pm: Japan vs. Colombia


Wed, June 25

9am: Nigeria vs. Argentina

9am: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Iran

1pm: Honduras vs. Switzerland

1pm: Ecuador vs. France
The Berliner Pub
221 Main Ave S in Renton
Showing all games, they’ll be open early for morning matches, with extra TVs.
Seattle Sounders FC Supporter Groups “Barra Fuerza Verde” will be present, a Spanish-language friendly support group which meets up and works on group cheers (in spanish) to pump up the Sounders at matches. You can expect Central and South American fans to be in the crowd!


Thu, June 26

9am: United States vs. Germany
Von Trapps
912 12th Ave in Capitol Hill/Central District
This very German-themed beer hall will be open at 9am for select matches such as USA v Germany on the 26th. Open at 9am for all second stage and quarterfinal matches

9am: Portugal vs. Ghana

1pm: Algeria vs. Russia

1pm: Korea Republic vs. Belgium

Fans show their love for team Mexico during the 2010 World Cup. (Photo by Marcello Casal Jr / ABr)
Fans show their love for team Mexico during the 2010 World Cup. (Photo by Marcello Casal Jr / ABr)

After two straight weeks of soccer, you get a Friday off to prepare for the final games. Try to rest up for the rest of the schedule:

As determined by winners above: Sat, June 28 – Tues, July 1
Quarter Finals: Fri-Sat, July 4-5
Semi-Finals: Tue-Wed, July 8-9
Third Place Match: Sat, July 12
Final!: Sun, July 13