Hidmo pop-up features Hollis Wong-Wear, Gabriel Teodros

For one night only, lucky attendants of the “Hidmo Back” pop-up restaurant got to relive the glory of the now closed Eritrean restaurant and community space.

The event was hosted by Food & Sh*t, founded by Chera Amiag and her husband Geo Quibuyen, aka Prometheus Brown (emcee of the Blue Scholars).

Local artists Hollis Wong-Wear, Gabriel Teodros, (Globalist writer) dåko’ta alcantara-camacho, Rogue Pinay, Daniel Pak, Otieno Terry & DJ Daps performed while diners enjoyed injera, sambusas and Eritraen dishes crafted by organizer Rahwa Habte.

This isn’t the first reunion event by Hidmo either, once located on 20th and Jackson in the Central District. So if you missed out on Monday night, it would be no surprise if the Hidmo pop-up makes future appearances.
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