Chinese born, American educated: Documentary screening @ UW Weds.

Promotional poster for the documentary "Imported From China." (Photo courtesy of Sandbox Films)
Promotional poster for the documentary “Imported From China.” (Photo courtesy of Sandbox Films)

Studying in the United States has essentially become the norm for upper-middle class Chinese students. Chinese students now account for more than a quarter of international students in U.S. universities.

In midst of education budget cuts, universities nationwide are welcoming Chinese students (and their checkbooks: they pay full tuition) with open arms. However, the clash of Chinese students with American collegiate culture has raised concerns regarding intercultural competence on college campuses.

Enter “Imported from China”: a documentary from Michigan State University faculty members that follows several Chinese international students while they confront life in American universities–and ultimately life in America as a whole.

For Seattle, this subject matter is close to home. At the University of Washington, Chinese students make up the majority of the international student population. Thus, it is natural that the documentary will be screened on campus.

FIUTS (The Foundation for International Understanding Through Students) will be screening the documentary at the University of Washington HUB Wednesday Feb. 19th at 6:30pm. The screening is free and open to the public.

Following the screening, Anand Yang, a UW professor of International Studies and History, will be moderating a panel of UW students from China. The students will be discussing their experiences navigating life as Chinese students in America, as part of a growing global trend taking place here in Seattle.