Immigrants travel across Washington to lobby Olympia

OneAmerica organizers and participants march through the capitol campus in Olympia chanting, "Who's house? Our house!" (Photo by Brooklyn Carlson)
OneAmerica organizers and participants march through the capitol campus in Olympia chanting, “Who’s house? Our house!” (Photo by Brooklyn Carlson)

Immigrant activists left as early as 4 am to travel to Olympia in support of education and policy reform. Our youth reporters got up pretty early as well to cover the action.

Yesterday’s Immigrants Day at the Capitol drew around 400 people across the state for a day of lobbying with representatives.

The event, organized annually by the immigrant rights organization OneAmerica, drew the attention of legislators on issues like citizenship, education for English Language Learners, access to higher education and civic participation.

Seattle Globalist youth apprentices Quipachtli Martinez and Brooklyn Carlson interviewed event organizers, immigrants and activists about why this day is so important.

Seattle Globalist reporter Quipachtli Martinez speaks with OneAmerica Communication Director Charlie McAteer. "These people came all over the world to come help make a difference. I value that," McAteer said. A guide helps find our way to Immigrants Day. (Photo by Brooklyn Carlson)Attendees crowd into the rotunda of the capitol building to hear speeches from activists and legislators. (Photo by Quipachtli Martinez)Speakers wait to address the crowd at the Immigrants Day event. (Photo by Quipachtli Martinez)Ceiling of the capitol building's rotunda. (Photo by Quipachtli Martinez)Marcie Maxwell, state representative from District 41, listened to moving stories from immigrants in her district. "Education is most important to me. We're going to give them everything that they need," Maxwell said. (Photo by Brooklyn Carlson)Cattie Fogelsong was one of many youth representatives here in support of immigration reform and better education for English Language Learners. (Photo by  Quipachtli Martinez)Becky Pogany is the development manager at OneAmerica and helped organize the event. (Photo by Quipachtli Martinez)OneAmerica organizers said around 400 people attended yesterday's Immigrants Day at the capitol. (Photo by Quipachtli Martinez)

Youth participants with OneAmerica descend the capitol steps after a morning rally. (Photo by Brooklyn Carlson)

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