Want to work overseas?: Quick tips on taking your career global

(Photo by flickr user Horia Varlan)

Do you dream of living or working abroad, but don’t know how to get there? A panel of globally-connected communications professionals took on the topic and shared some inside advice on Monday, as part of the UW Department of Communication’s Professional Development Month.

If you didn’t make it to the event, no need to fret. Below, I’ve curated the top tweets from Victoria Sprang, the department’s Alumni Relations Manager, who live-tweeted the discussion, and added my own commentary. We covered everything from bridging cultural gaps, financial and immigration logistics, to how to land that first international job.

The speakers came from all over: Katie LaRiviere worked and lived in Tokyo, Japan, for years with The Gap; Will Wessert is an Associated Press reporter who was stationed throughout Latin America, from Guatemala to Cuba; and Lindsay Schuessler lives in Seattle but travels constantly through her work with Microsoft. I was on the panel too, because I spent the last two years reporting from Haiti.