#PowerYourMedia: What We Do & Why



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As a daily, hyperlocal news organization, The Seattle Globalist elevates diverse voices through media. We cover the unique intersections of Seattle and the rest of the world. We want our city to be known for its media: media with a powerful, authentic voice that truly reflects our incredibly diverse city.

Since our inception in 2012, we have also built our coverage into a roaring response to fear and bigotry — and a shining example of what community-centric media can be.

But we are working against the media industry’s dominant paradigm:

On average, American newsrooms are less than 17 percent people of color. Is it any wonder our mainstream and traditional media keeps getting the story wrong? The Seattle Globalist was built by 600+ voices: 67 percent contributors of color, 73 percent women and 45 percent immigrants or children of immigrants. Our editorial staff is majority women of color.

Our approach in attracting new media makers is deconstructing and demystifying journalism. We are forging a vibrant new school of grassroots, accountable journalism working in underrepresented communities. We build a pipeline of diverse journalists through community media trainings, paid youth apprenticeship programs and intensive editorial mentoring.

If you believe our media must be a reflection of the country we live in, and accessible as a strong platform for all communities, become a sustaining member of The Seattle Globalist today. Just $25 a month can help us continue to build a movement to ensure community-made media becomes community-supported media.