#PowerYourMedia: We need you now more than ever!

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The Seattle Globalist shines as a daily hyperlocal news outlet that elevates diverse voices through media. For over four years, we’ve brought you the stories and new perspectives you need to navigate uncertain times.

In this toxic political climate, we need the Globalist more than ever. You have the power to help us grow! The Seattle Globalist is forging a vibrant new school of grassroots, accountable journalism in communities historically kept out of our field. To sustain our programs in the year to come, we need to raise $5,000 in monthly donations by the end of 2016. Please consider making a monthly gift today!

Help break down the barriers that have kept immigrants, women and people of color out of newsrooms for far too long.

We want Seattle to be known for its media: media defined by powerful, authentic voices that actually reflect our incredibly diverse city.

If you agree, become a sustaining member at $25 a month, and take back your media today.