Contributor Agreement – The Seattle Globalist

Last updated: May 27, 2016.

Thank you for contributing your work to The Seattle Globalist.

Before we publish your story, please read through the following agreement about our work together carefully, and complete the electronic signature at the bottom of the page.

  1. Exclusivity. Once an editor has assigned a story to you, it is our understanding that the story will be your own original work, created exclusively for The Seattle Globalist. You should not pitch the story to other outlets while reporting for the Globalist.
  2. Rights to your content. You, the contributor, own the rights to the writing, photos, video and other media you publish with The Seattle Globalist. You grant The Seattle Globalist a permanent, non-exclusive license to the work, meaning that we have the permanent right to maintain the work as a published piece on or future sites or publications owned by The Seattle Globalist. The Globalist also reserves the right to re-publish your work on our site in the future. For example, we may re-use your photographs, with credit, on a future story to which it is relevant.
  3. Story resale or cross-posting. Sometimes, fellow publications indicate interest in re-publishing Globalist stories. Please direct all such communications to your editor, so that the Globalist can help negotiate on your behalf. All permissions to re-print Globalist stories must be approved by a Globalist editor as well as by the contributor. Re-published work must include a credit and link back to The Seattle Globalist. One hundred percent of the first $200 paid for the story by another publication goes to the contributor. The Seattle Globalist will keep 50% of any additional payment beyond $200. For example, if a re-publisher pays $350 for a story, the contributor would get $275 ($200+$75), and The Seattle Globalist would get $75 (50% of $150). If a re-publisher pays $600 for a story, the contributor would get $400 ($200+$200) and The Seattle Globalist would get $200 (50% of $200).
  4. Journalism Ethics. All Globalist contributors should adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, which essentially tells us to seek truth and report it; minimize harm; act independently and be accountable.  Additionally, the Globalist believes strongly in transparency and accountability. Contributors should always discuss any ethical questions or concerns — big or small — with your editor.
  5. Corrections, complaints and conversation. Contributors should work closely with their editor prior to publication to make sure that no story is published with factual errors or inaccuracies. When, as sometimes happens, readers have a negative reaction to a story published on The Seattle Globalist, our policy is always to encourage continuing conversation. When a story is found to contain an error or inaccuracy, our policy is to correct the information as quickly as possible, and to disclose exactly what changes have been made following the story’s initial publication.
  6. Comments. A comment section at the bottom of each post allows readers to engage with your work. You’re welcome to keep an eye on the comments post-publication and respond as you see fit, but you aren’t required to monitor the thread. The anonymity of comment sections can produce nasty messages, so we’ll monitor the comments for you, and remove anything that violates our comment policy as quickly as possible. If you do choose to read comments on your story, and you think we missed something, please let us know. We’ll contact you if we encounter any thoughtful comments we think you should respond to, as well. We take online harassment very seriously, and have been assured by local law enforcement that they do too. Please contact your editor if you receive any communication, online or off, related to your post that makes you uncomfortable. We’re here to help you decide if something should be reported, or just to discuss the situation and best next steps. As a contributor to the Globalist, you are a member of our community and you have our full support.
  7. Crowdfunding. If we raise funds together through Kickstarter or other fundraising mechanisms, and raise beyond our initial fundraising goal, an ad hoc committee of Globalist staff and board members will be responsible for determining how best to direct the extra funds in support of the reporting project.