Seattle World School graduates first high school class

Seattle World School celebrated its first 13 high school graduates Tuesday, in an emotional and touching graduation ceremony that recognized each student.
Jun 12, 2015
(Photo from Russian Presidential Press and Information Office)(Photo from Russian Presidential Press and Information Office)

Don’t tease the bear: Why we Russians love Putin more than ever

Vladimir Putin has been making plenty of headlines since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis last November — and never in a good light. Whenever a new crisis hits the news, from the Malaysia plane crash, to street battles in Odessa, to the controversial aid convoy this summer, it’s cited as another example of Russian aggression masterminded by Putin. And with President Obama’s UN […]
Oct 30, 2014
Jia Yin Tan, 16, decided to the Seattle World School after two semesters at Franklin. (Photo by Valeria Koulikova)

New immigrant students find comfort at a school all their own

The Seattle World School provides a welcoming environment to new students from around the globe. But many struggle to move on to mainstream schools.
Nov 12, 2013

“For Motherland! For Stalin!” Seattle’s Russian WWII Vets celebrate Victory Day

For the 41 veterans who of the Soviet Union’s “Great Patriotic War” who live in Washington state, World War II is more than just a history lesson.
May 11, 2013
Students from the Academy of Peruvian Dancers perform at the International Children's Friendship Festival. (Photo by Valeria Koulikova)

Global cuteness on display at the International Children’s Friendship Festival

Last weekend international communities in Seattle came together to celebrate kids’ education, multiculturalism, and leadership at the 4th annual Seattle International Children’s Friendship festival.
Apr 30, 2013

International students from Asia filling more seats at UW

Huge numbers of international students are making their mark on UW. But is Seattle making enough of a mark on them?  
Mar 5, 2013

Russian immigrants share a love of Seattle, but are divided on politics

Young people from former Soviet Union countries share their impressions of Seattle (Produced by Valeria Koulikova in a UW Communication Dept video workshop) I’m proud to be one of hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Russia and Post-Soviet Republics currently living in Washington State. I’ve been in Seattle for over seven years now and I’ve met a […]
Jan 27, 2013