Hong Kong police legitimacy draining away as clashes escalate

The death of a student during a police clearance and a video of police shooting an unarmed protester has contributed to the public’s growing mistrust of the Hong Kong government.
Nov 20, 2019

Thirty years after the Berlin Wall came down, Germany is still working to meet east with west

Since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the east and west parts of Germany have knitted themselves together. But differences linger, including a rise in increasingly brazen far-right extremist activity in the former East Germany.
Nov 10, 2019

Kurds targeted in Turkish attack include female fighters who battled Islamic State

From the 19th century to modern fighters in Syria, Kurdish women have fought on the front lines of military battles.
Oct 16, 2019

How fishers in Indonesia abandon destructive methods

Some fishers in Indonesia are becoming leaders in protecting the local marine ecosystems by abandoning destructive methods, such as bombing reefs and poisoning sea creatures.
Oct 2, 2019

Ethiopia’s new year offers a chance to unite the country

On the occasion of the first day of Meskerem, the Ethiopian New Year, political lecturer Yohannes Gedamu examines what it would take for Ethiopia to reach a state of national unity — and reconciliation.
Sep 12, 2019

How to change global health’s colonial ways

While well-meaning, global health practices are still colonial in many ways. Here are some ways that could change.
Aug 29, 2019

How Toni Morrison’s legacy plays out in South Africa’s universities

What is Toni Morrison's place in South Africa's universities, as some professors there call for a more Africa-focused curricula.
Aug 15, 2019

Hong Kong city workers, expats and unions join protests, making it harder for China to ignore

Mainland China has been tightening its grip on Hong Kong. But eight weeks of protests show how strong resistance to perceived Chinese influence has become.
Jul 31, 2019

How a UK law has unintended consequences for women workers in Sri Lanka

The UK's Modern Slavery Act, aimed at sex trafficking, has increased the environment of surveillance against women factory workers in Sri Lanka.
Jul 17, 2019

Explainer: why Ethiopia’s federal system is deeply flawed

Yohannes Gedamu, a lecturer at Georgia Gwinnett College, says Ethiopia's current federal system has relegated some ethnic groups into second class citizens.
Jun 27, 2019

Global women’s fight against sexual harassment didn’t start with #MeToo

Women in countries such as India, Pakistan and others have long organized successful campaigns against sexual harassment.
Apr 30, 2019