The entrance to the City of Seattle’s Office of Housing. (Photo by Senhao Liu)

City offers resources in 11 languages to prevent home foreclosure

The City of Seattle has stepped up resources to help residents avoid foreclosure. But reaching the people in need is a bigger challenge.
Nov 4, 2014
Sanjay Bhadu, owner of Jucivana Smoothies and Coffee on Yesler Ave says even with just one employee, minimum wage hikes will threaten his business. (Photo by Senhao Liu)

Minimum wage increase has immigrant small business owners fretting

Monday’s historic city council vote unanimously approving $15/hour minimum wage was meant to reduce growing income inequality in Seattle. But one group has been particularly outspoken in opposition to the wage hike — immigrant small business owners. “I think it is unreasonable. The cost of my restaurant is rising rapidly and I nearly do not earn money now,” said […]
Jun 4, 2014

UW International students say new fees discriminate

School may nearly be out for summer, but University of Washington international students are still up in arms about a new fee added to their tuition last fall. More than 1,300 UW students have signed a petition calling for the repeal of the $45 quarterly fee, which is charged only to international students.  The fee replaced […]
May 28, 2014