"Reassurance" from the series "Definitive Reincarnate," 2003/2006, belonging to the collection of Sanjay Parthasarathy and Malini Balakrishnan; © NANDINI VALLI MUTHIAH. (Photo and artwork by Nandini Valli Muthiah)

A new urban India contemplated at SAM’s ‘City Dwellers’

SAM's new exhibition “City Dwellers” sets viewers afoot in the chaos of modern India as reconciles sweeping cultural shifts with its ancient roots and values.
Sep 10, 2014
Anacortes-based group, Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble, are a regular act at Folklife. Here, they perform at the annual Spring Festa in Skagit County, another one of their regular annual gigs. (Photo from www.goskagit.com)

Folklife Festival: A Memorial Day weekend from around the world

This weekend Seattle Center will transform into a microcosm of the Northwest’s prolific community of world music and arts. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the rich cultural diversity of the Pacific Northwest all in one place, this is where you will find it.
May 23, 2014
The author's daughter, Ditti, showing off her colors for Holi last year. (Photo by Padmaja Ganeshan-Singh)

How to rock Holi in Seattle

The best way to know how well you’ve celebrated Holi is to dress in white. If there’s not a trace left by the end of the day, you’ve proven you know how to celebrate!
Mar 19, 2014