#GreaterSeattle: Somali refugee shines light on forgotten conflict

Somali refugee Mohamed Shidane works two jobs and goes to school. But he still makes time to speak up about human rights in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia.
Apr 18, 2016
Throughout the civil war, thousands of children were forcibly separated from their families; approximately 2,354 children were adopted into the U.S., with adopted parents told that they were orphans. (Photo by Linda Hess Miller via Wikimedia Commons)

El Salvador families search for disappeared children decades after war

Decades after the end of a brutal civil war, survivors continue to demand justice and search for Salvadoran disappeared children forcibly taken by the army.
Apr 2, 2015

Seattle health, school officials push for higher measles vaccination rates

Puget Sound health officials say that some Seattle-area schools need to see a boost in vaccination rates to prevent a measles outbreak.
Feb 16, 2015

New chef will bring Mexican traditions to Nacho Borracho

Capitol Hill favorite Nacho Borracho is trading bar food for authentic Mexican fare under new chef Monica Dimas.
Jan 30, 2015