The Mixed Plate at Chamaole Pino in Everett. (Photo by Melody T. via Yelp)

Pacific Islander arts showcase this weekend in Everett

If you’re a Chamorro who’s relocated to Seattle, there’s more to miss about home than the weather. Back home, we get together to eat our food, speak our language, and visit our family, without even thinking about it. So if you’re used to weekly fiestas, the culture here in Washington can feel real cold. “On […]
Apr 24, 2014
The author, with his Guam ID. (Photo by dåko'ta alcantara-camacho)

Guam: Where America’s day begins with injustice

For Washington’s 9000-strong Chamorro community, getting hassled going into bars is just the tip of the warship. 
Nov 27, 2013