The coffee at Cortona Café is good and strong. Shop owner, Ice, will wake you up with a hot cup while a catchy mix of music gets your foot tapping long before the caffeine-induced jitters catch up (Photo by Brie Ripley).

Cortona Café: beacon of unity amid Central District gentrification

“This is a place where people build relationships” Central District resident Amanda Predmore says of Cortona Café “It’s one of the most intimate cafés in the city.”
Apr 8, 2015
Family members of Antonio Zambrano-Montes gather outside of Pasco City Hall to protest the shooting. (Photo courtesy of Anna King / Northwest News Network)

Outrage over Pasco police shooting of man who threw rocks

Vigils and protests over excessive force as police in Pasco have fatally shot four people in the last 6 months.
Feb 12, 2015
(Cartoon courtesy David Horsey / The L.A. Times)

The vanishing of Molly Norris

Years before the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris had to 'go ghost' after she found herself on an al-Qaeda hit list.
Feb 9, 2015