Shenyang to make Seattle Opera debut as Mozart’s “Figaro”

Opera luminary Shenyang has spent the last 14 years earning international acclaim, from Tianjin, China, to Seattle.
Jan 13, 2016
Dina Trageser, second from right, leads Dunava, a Bulgarian folk singing ensemble. (Photo by Steve Borzilleri)

Seattle’s Balkan folk rockstars celebrate ten years

An unlikely ensemble of Northwest women is celebrating ten years as one of the world's most popular Balkan folk choruses.
Nov 10, 2015
Nasko Abadjiev in gear built to withstand nighttime temperatures of 75 below. (Courtesy photo)

The sun never rises: Dispatches from a winter job in Antarctica

While the days are getting wonderfully long here, Seattle transplant Nasko Abadjiev is entering a dark world of wonder working in Antarctica.
Jun 7, 2015